GHOSTS (Here We Go)

Now we are on our forward way
leaving all behind
Sometimes running and sometimes stumbling
as if we were blind
We are sometimes crying
and sometimes laughing out loud
Of what we did and what we don’t
we are not very proud

After all we are ghosts
Empty cases of ourselves
There’s so many we have lost
While waiting for somebody else

We have prayed so many times
but never have been heard
Out of the battle of our hearts
we never get back
We didn’t understand a word
Walking along a beaten track

Cause after all we are ghosts

Try to find this child in you
a long time ago you have lost
Refill your cup with things that you love
and with memories you trust
Run against your wall and never stop
And don’t look down until it’s from the top

Cause after all we are ghosts

After all we are ghosts
We’re not there and never here
That’s why we are so down and lost
How did we get so down and lost
And watch ourselves disappear


© Text and Music: Christian Knauer

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